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November 10 2015

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Top 5 Best Snapchat Tricks and tips 2015

Are you scanning for Latest Snapchat traps then you are at perfect spot. Snapchat application needn't bother with any Introduction. Its one of the prevalent informing applications present in the cell phone world. In Snapchat the pictures or pictures which you impart to your companions are erased for all time after some time. In the event that you are a User of Snapchat you would be thinking about it exceptionally well. 

In this article I have recorded main 5 best tips, traps and shrouded highlight of Snapchat which you truly going to cherish. Snapchat is primarily used to send pictures however perpheras it can send anything from content to recordings. Its a carefree application which you can use to trick your companions. So how about we begin 

1. Snapchat Best companion Trick 

On the off chance that you have chosen closest companions on Snapchat it will be simple for you to send Snaps to them. They are Shown at the Top of your Contact list. Prior Snapchat permit to choose on 3 closest companion however with the late overhaul you can pick upto 5 or 7 closest companions, by just taping Settings > Manage > # of closest companions and selecting the coveted number of 5 or 7 Best companions on Snapchat. 

2. Snapchat Replay Trick 

The Updated rendition of Snapchat has another concealed Replay highlight included. It license you to see a picture for an uncommon second time. In basic words all the Snapchat will have the capacity to get back and see the picture or snap once more. You can include this element by essentially going to Settings, Manage, and after that check that Replay is. 

3. Snapchat Black/White Ink Trick 

Presently you can essentially draw utilizing Black shading, by taping your finger to the Bottom left and the brush shading will swung to dark. Not just this you can drawn utilizing any shading by simply holding and sliding your finger on screen. 

4. Snapchat New Font Trick 

Snapchat uses cool textual style with dark foundation and whit content upon it. Yet, in the event that you need to something more exceptional then basic head to Settings > Manage and tap on the empower extraordinary content. After you have entered your subtitle, tap on the T catch. 

5. Snapchat Negative Filters Trick 

As we told Snapchat is fundamentally utilized for sharing pictures, so it additionally give you essential photograph altering elements. You can apply channels to pictures to look them more interesting.To access Snapchat channels , simply snap a photograph and after that drag it to one side, there it will indicate numerous channels which you can utilize. 

So i trust Guys you preferred these Snapchat Tips, traps and hacks for Android and iOS (apple). In the event that you have question or we missed any Trick then tell us in Comments.

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